Know Your Risk! Determining your risk for breast cancer is the first step in the prevention process. Each patient will be pre-screened for risk factors during their first visit. Those suspected of being at increased risk will complete a comprehensive risk assessment.

High Risk Clinic

If preliminary screening at the time of your mammogram suggests you may be at increased risk for breast cancer, obtaining a referral from your primary care provider can give you the option of a more in-depth breast cancer risk assessment at Enloe Comprehensive Breast Care, located on the second floor of our building.  Under the supervision of Lydia L. Schrader, MD FACS, Medical Director, advanced practice nurses Dara McKinley, FNP and Barbara Clifford, CNM CBEC (having completed The City of Hope’s Intensive Course in Genetic Cancer Risk Assessment) will make recommendations regarding genetic testing, referral for formal genetic counseling, high risk surveillance, and options for risk reduction. 

Surgical Consult

If your biopsy is positive, you may be referred for surgical consultation at Enloe Comprehensive Breast Care or to a physician of your choosing.